How to Improve & Raise your Metabolism – Proven Ways (& Foods) that Increase Metabolic Rate

How to Improve & Raise your Metabolism - Proven Ways (& Foods) that Increase metabolic rate

Do you want to know how you can increase & improve your metabolic rate? Here are proven ways (& foods) that raise your metabolism & can help you lose more weight


So what is metabolism?

Metabolism is the process (a complex biochemical process) by which your body converts food & drinks into energy. It does so by combining your calorie intake with oxygen so that energy can be released. Your metabolism is always at work, even when you are sitting, resting or sleeping. This is because your body uses energy from food to maintain all your bodily functions including breathing, adjusting hormone levels and growing & repairing cells


What Determines the Rate of your Metabolism? 

Basal Metabolism forms the largest component of total caloric expenditure

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) (or Resting metabolic rate)  is the amount of calories it takes to carry out the basic bodily functions at rest (by doing no physical activity)


3 Main Factors Determine your BMR

These factors account for about 60-75% of calories burnt – this stays fairly consistent & does not change easily

#1 Your Body Size & Composition

Despite common belief, larger people have a higher resting metabolism than smaller people do – the more a person weighs, the more energy it takes to maintain the body and so burns more calories per gram of body weight. The same goes for those with more muscle mass than fat mass – the more muscular a person is, the higher their metabolism will be

Here is an interesting fact: By doing nothing (no physical activity): For every 1 pound of muscle you burn about 35 calories. For every 1 pound of fat only burns 2 calories. So having more muscle mass means that you burn more calories

#2 Whether you are Male or Female
Unfortunately ladies, men have less body fat and more muscle so, you can guess it, men burn more calories than women

#3 Your Age
Muscle mass decreases with age and fat makes up more of your weight when you are older, which can slow down metabolism. However, if you have a sedentary lifestyle, your metabolism can decrease by 5-10% per decade compared to only 0.3% if you have an active lifestyle – so the more active you are throughout your whole life, the less impact this slowing metabolism with age has


In addition to your basal metabolic rate, 2 other things contribute to calorie burning:

These factors account for 100-800 calories used per day:

#1 Digesting, absorbing, transporting & storing food you eat uses calories – also known as thermogenesis (accounts for about 5-10% of total energy expenditure)

#2 Physical activity & exercise – accounts for the rest of the calories you burn per day and is the
most variable factor that determines the amount of calories you burn each day


Watch this video for an introduction to metabolism, summarizing all of the points made above


A slow metabolism is actually not usually the cause of weight gain, its rather the foods & drinks you are consuming and lack of physical activity that determines your weight

Metabolism & Weight

Metabolism is not to blame for your weight gain. How your body burns calories is a very intricate process that balances to meet your individual needs. This is the reason why starving your body slows metabolism, your body compensates by conserving calories, slowing bodily processes for survival. People who are fidgety, have more muscle and do more physical activity are more likely to burn more calories (and have a faster metabolism)


What Kind of Exercise is Best for Boosting Metabolism?

Aerobic exercise is the best for burning calories – aim for at least 30 minutes a day (include walking, jogging, swimming etc.). However, strength training, such as weight bearing exercises & weightlifting is important for building muscle mass (which helps you to burn MORE calories)

Take any opportunity to move more – take the stairs, park further away at the store. Doing the gardening, housework & washing your car burns calories too


Ways to Boost your Metabolism

This video discusses 9 proven ways that can help boost your metabolism

Here are the 9 Ways you can help jump start your calorie burning

#1 Build muscle – Do strength training 30 mins twice a week – you can burn an extra 200 calories just by resting

#2 Enjoy the after burn – Lasts 2 hours after exercise when you include high intensity exercise in to your regime – for every 3 minutes, include a burst of exercise for 30 seconds and repeat throughout your workout

#3 Get enough sleep – 7-9 hours every night. Lack of sleep affects the rate of calories your body burns at rest. Resting metabolism consists of 60-75% of total metabolism so this can have a dramatic effect

#4 Eat often throughout the day – research shows that people who eat every 2-3 hours weigh less, have less body fat and a faster metabolism

#5 Eat the right foods – eat fruit & vegetables, foods high in fiber, healthy fats & carbs, lean protein for meals & snacks

#6 Eat a high fibre diet & don’t cut out protein – even thought your body cannot digest fiber, it still uses calories attempting to. Protein helps to keep you satiated & preserves muscle tissue

#7 Consume omega 3 fatty acids (1000mg DHA & EPA) – help you to eat less. Foods high in omega 3’s include oily fish, flaxseeds, walnuts, chia seeds & some eggs (from grass fed chickens)

#8 Increase daily activity – stand rather than sit, walk rather than drive, take stairs instead of the elevator or lift (you can burn 550 calories per hour by taking the stairs, compared to only 145 calories if you use the lift)

#9 Eat breakfast – 78% that have lost weight &maintained their weight for at least 5 years eat breakfast every morning


How to Improve & Raise your Metabolism - Proven Ways (& Foods) that Increase Metabolic Rate - tips

Bottom Line

Losing weight comes down to eating the right foods, cutting calories & increasing physical activity. Don’t look to dietary supplements to assist in fat burning or weight loss, even though they often claim to speed up your metabolism, most of the time it is just hype and in which can have undesirable or even dangerous side effects. View these with caution and skepticism because these supplements do not need approval from the Food and Drug Administration, so it is unknown whether they are safe OR effective

As you have seen, there are better ways to improve & raise your metabolism rate – simply by eating right & exercising more. Also include metabolism boosting foods such as dark leafy greens, apples, green tea and spicy foods, which can also help to increase your calorie burning

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